Yeehaw 3D Printer
Shenzhen Madun Technology Co., Ltd.

Yeehaw is a household intelligent 3D printer, which creatively refresh the style of 3D printer with intelligent, technological and lively design elements, it connects to the online model base, applications of mobile phone or Pad for you to remotely control, making dreams so close to realize.


360° all-dimensional view to see it print.


The cabin door is designed to be linked with safety switch.


There’s a cloud model base with a great number of model data.

Shenzhen Madun specializes in 3D printer, thriving to become the most competitive comprehensive provider in this industry. Madun hoped to develop a new product with Artop which can be easily controlled by adults and kids with its solid technological reserve and creative cloud service platform, this new item needs to be safer and more interesting, it can cultivate and inspire the kids’ innovation and imagination.

Although it’s the first time for Artop to become involved in this creative service of household 3D printer, during frequent communication with the client, Artop could discover and solve the problem in time, like the automatic opening & closing control of the cabin door, integration of printing structure etc.. The professional and thoughtful requirements & technology support of Madun have also promoted Yeehaw to achieve perfect performance.

Artop proposed the image to be a 360° all-dimensional view which has been highly recognized by Madun, it’s a shape of triangular prism with round corner, as well as soft curve, perfectly integrating the feature of playing & dynamism. The total-closed one-piece translucent body with metal structural parts and white parts, making the printer look lighter and more transparent.

Considering that kids would be the end users, Artop used built-in breathing light to directly indicate the printing condition by color and flash frequency, making it more interesting. On safety side, Artop also hid the material cabin into the inner of the printer, the opening and closing structure of the producing cabin has been taken into consideration, if it’s opened during printing process, it will instantly stop printing, to prevent anyone from burning by the high-temperature sprayer.


Won Red Dot Award Nomination


Won Excellence Award in the 8th. Cantonese Governor Cup

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