Driving recorder- Black Q7

This colorful Black Q7 is a wireless driving recorder mainly for female drivers, apart from HD recording, it supports one-click snapshot, for you to upload onto social posts.


First try on color driving recorder


Simple & fast one-click snapshot


Small size & easily heat dissipating expected Artop to develop a brand new driving recorder after market survey, to make it have clear market positioning, realize the function to take snapshots and transfer videos through WIFI, it also provided reference suggestions for our supply chain.

Artop finished data analysis for driving recorder based on e-commerce platforms, discovering that the group between 25- 35 years old has accounted for 73.5% of the market share, of which female users take up 37.1%, and there’s no driving recorder especially for female drivers in the market.

With the survey results, Artop set the product positioning as exclusive driving recorder for new drivers, individual, young, fashionable, colorful, covering young group and female group. The front half is semitransparent and dull polish, with the camera as visual center, showing color of inner shell, creating a hazy mystery.

Structural design of the recorder, especially the design for wireless button+ silicone case, has created new practical patents, which improves touch feeling of the button and convenience of battery change, reduces button noise. Moreover, Artop made full use of the features of the ball shape, to reduce whole size, and improve heat dissipating effects.


Won Candidate Prize in Channel Cup


Partnership to develop new version


Exhibited on Shenzhen CAES

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